Olive oil: the best dressing for health purposes

For 4,000 years, olive oil has served the Mediterranean cultures for almost everything: from money, or means of payment, to medicine. Nowadays, olive oil is being rediscovered by the whole world as the most versatile fruit juice ever pressed.

Olive oil has a unique position among vegetable oils because of its chemical composition, its health-promoting benefits and its taste characteristics. In fact, its composition is similar to human fat, which is why it is so easily digested by our organism as food - better than any other oil or fat.

Extra virgin olive oil

Why is Olive Oil so important?

The abundance of natural elements such as chlorophyll, vitamins A, F and D, lecithin, plophenols and unsaturated fatty acids reduce the occurrence of heart attacks and blood vessel diseases (atherosclerosis), as well as the accumulation of "bad" cholesterol (LDL, VLDL) and increases the HDL factor ("good cholesterol").

In addition, the high content of antioxidants helps to block free radicals. Regular consumption of olive oil supports child growth and slows down aging. It is good for bones and joints, skin, liver and intestines. Olive oil is also conducive to a lower rate of cancer.


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