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It was fortuitous to meet the right people at the right time, who share the same devotion and vision. Our experiences and love for nature and wine connect our team tightly. Each and every one is an expert in his or her field of competence. We always maintain a unified team spirit and this passion and harmony can be seen in our work which we feel reflect in our wines and winery.

For non-core tasks, we cooperate successfully with experienced partners. We are delighted to be working with a renowned Italian enology consultancy company who specializes in few wines, specifically on Primitivo. They work with us year round from pruning the wines ready to aging and selling preparation of bottles.

Beat Fahrni

Founder and wine lover

Beat Fahrni (Beato) holds a master's degree in electrical engineering and an MBA. At IBM he developed his marketing and management skills. After 17 years, he left IBM-EHQ as Director of Industries to build up and run a large management consulting & engineering division for a European group. Afterwards, he became an entrepreneur and helped clients establish companies and start-ups and today, he is a member of various boards. His last baby, BEATO VINI, is a complete change for him. In addition to wine, Beato likes music and vintage cars.

Giovanni and Patrizia Lomartire

Giovanni & Patrizia Lomartire


Giovanni, together with his wife Patrizia, run an agricultural services company and is the tenant responsible for the cultivation, care and harvesting of the BEATO VINI vineyards. During the harvest, he manages up to 15 additional local employees. He has converted his entire business to organic viticulture. For the past several years, he has been a member of the Consiglio (VR) of the La Popolare Soc. Coop. Agricola Sava, the largest local winemaking cooperative.

Giuseppe Bino

Giuseppe Bino


Giuseppe has a PhD in oenology and has enlarge his knowledge as an assistant to the most prestigious oenology professors in Tuscany. He has been advising wineries in Italy for many years. Over the years, he has gained much experience in organic cultivation as well as vinifying premium wines.

Elisa Bier

Elisa Bier

Member of the board of directors

Elisa is a woman who knows everything and can do everything. She is responsible for all administrative work/accounting, ordering with export/shipping, and sales. Together with her husband Francesco, they ran a Gelateria in Germany for 7 years. Recently, Elisa became a certified sommelier.

Mimmo Elefante

Mimmo Elefante

Counselor / Cantiniere

After graduating from high school, Mimmo worked for a telephone company and then for 19 years at ILVA, at that time the largest steel and mechanical engineering  centre in Europe. He managed a department with 32 employees until ILVA closed down several areas. Many years ago, Mimmo took over the family's vineyards and olive groves and has been producing wine and oil ever since. Recently he founded a agricultural business and invested in beekeeping and the production of natural honey (his hobby for many years).

Robin Kick MW

Robin Kick MW

Wine Consultant

Robin is a Master of Wine who lives in southern Switzerland on the Italian border and works as a wine buyer and export/marketing specialist. Originally from the Chicago area in The United States, she started her wine career as a wine auction specialist at Christie’s Beverly Hills before moving to Europe in 2003. Having worked in the wine trade for over 20 years, Italian wine features strongly in her working life and occupies a large amount of space in her cellar. When she is not tasting, visiting wine regions around the world or working, she spends her time practicing Italian, cooking, writing and learning about olive oil.

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Our Passion

Passion, competence, experience and love for nature allow our Team to Collaborate to produce a special Primitivo di Manduria dedicated to true connoisseurs. Contact us to learn more!

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