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Winemaking at Beato Vini

We believe that great wine is first made in the vineyard. However, it needs to be tended just as respectfully once in the cellar.

First Steps and Fermentation

All our harvests are hand-picked in small 20 kg crates. We aim to have the healthiest grapes that are balanced between phenolic ripeness and sugar. Primitivo does not often have homogenous ripening, so to help in this goal, we often do multiple selections both in the vineyard and winery so only the best bunches are used.

We destem the fruit and then ferment the berries in a stainless steel vat with temperature control. We want our grapes to retain their utmost freshness so the temperature never exceeds 28°C. Once alcoholic fermentation is complete, malolactic fermentation also takes place in the stainless steel vats.


We truly believe that to make great Primitivo, oak ageing is necessary similar to other exceptional Italian wines like Brunello di Montalcino, Barolo and Amarone. So, once the fermentations are complete, our wine is then transferred into 200-litre French oak barrels where they will age in a temperature and humidity-controlled cellar. Only about half are new because while we want the benefits of oak ageing, we also do not want the wine to be dominated by it. The other half are seasoned barrels that have been used once and twice before.

For our Sant’Anastasia, the wine remains in barrel for 12-15 months before being bottled. Our Riserva will spend an additional 9-12 months in barrel. Our Riserva is determined by a barrel selection rather than a vineyard one. We regularly taste our barrels and in excellent vintages, we sometimes find certain barrels taste exceptionally more concentrated or ageworthy. These are usually the ones that are destined to become our Riserva.

Final Steps

Once the wine has finished barrel ageing, we then lightly filter it before bottling it. We generally like to release the wine when it is either ready to drink or close to being ready. So, we will keep the wine an additional 12-18 months before being commercialized. As BEATO VINI is focused on quality over quantity, our goal is to make no more than 10,000 bottles in any given year.

Passioned winemakers

Ours is a wine with a robust and elegant spirit and a heart that warms the soul. If you want to know more about our Primitivo di Manduria DOP Sant'Anastasia contact us now.

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