Vineyards and terroir

The Vineyards of Beato Vini

BEATO VINI owns 3 vineyards that total 6.5 hectares. Our oldest vineyard is 4.7 hectares and is called Sant’Anastasia. It is surrounded by a dry stonewall and is divided into 23 continuous plots. Many of the plots were planted in different years ranging from 1980, 1982, 1984 and 2003. This is the vineyard that produces the majority of our grapes (sometimes all) for our Sant’Anastasia wines.

We also have two other Primitivo vineyards − one 1-hectare parcel which was replanted in 1995 and another of 0.8 hectares that was replanted in 2013.

We are very selective of our grapes, choosing only the healthiest and highest quality at harvest for our Sant’Anastasia. Those that do not make the cut are sold off to other producers, so in practice we only use a limited amount of our own vineyard land for our own wines.

The Soil

The soil of BEATO VINI’s vineyards is called “Terra Rossa”, and it is generally comprised of volcanic and tufa rocks with a surface soil of sand, silt and clay. Its red color comes from iron, but it is also rich in other elements such as manganese, copper, boron and zinc. This soil is particularly well-suited for Primitivo grapes, and the combination produces some of the most exciting wines of the Puglian region.


Depending on the vintage, our yields range from 3-5 tons or 30-50 quintals per hectare. On average, we have 4400 vines per ha.

Our goal is to produce around one bottle of wine per vine, which we believe creates wines that are concentrated while remaining balanced and terroir-driven.

Puglian Values and the Search for Excellence

Competence, passion and dedication have all contributed to the success of high quality Primitivo di Manduria. This, in turn, has made Primitivo from this special zone the pride of Puglian wine production and has fostered worldwide appreciation. The Primitivo di Manduria from BEATO VINI is the result of a deep bond with these Puglian values and search for excellence.

Organic Cultivation

We strive to grow and care for our grapes as naturally as possible, without chemical pesticides or herbicides. Though our estate is not certified organic yet, our viticulturalist Giovanni Lomartire, shall be certified soon for his own vineyards, so he does a wonderful job treating BEATO VINI’s vineyards in the same way. In the off-season, we plant fava beans which are then tilled into the soil, nourishing it with nitrogen, an essential element that helps growth and stress-free fermentations.

Alberello Training

BEATO VINI's vines are traditionally grown in 'alberello pugliese' or bush-trained ('gobelet' in France). This enables the right balance of vigor to produce concentrated fruit with good acidity. All our vineyards are generally dry-farmed in order for the roots to delve deep into the soil for water and beneficial minerals. However, albarello training also requires most work to be done by hand, which is more labor-intensive but results in higher quality fruit. Mechanization is possible only to plough, to mulch and to spray.


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